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The artwork, images, and likeness of Evel Knievel (Robert Craig Knievel) are protected by copyright and trademark law. It is NOT OK to use the name, image, voice, trade dress, likeness, signature, right of publicity, brand products or ANYTHING Evel Knievel for any commercial purpose without K&K Promotions, Inc. licensing permission.

 If you are interested in Evel Knievel licensing in a commercial endeavor, please contact

The fastest most efficient way to build a high flying brand for your product – one that dominates the media you buy and becomes engrained in the public’s mind – is to associate with something or someone that’s already achieved great heights.

​Evel Knievel is one of the most recognizable figures anywhere. He’s more than a daredevil; he’s a world famous brand. With a unique blend of daring and showmanship, he launched himself right to the top of the pop culture where he still stands to this day. Evel Knievel is also synonymous with something your target audience identifies with – character, personality and accomplishment.

​Align your advertising with the man who quite famously holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the most broken bones (35); and your own recognition and sales will soar. The prestige of being endorsed by the legend of Evel Knievel is incalculable.

​The exclusive Evel Knievel intellectual property assets you will license include video clips and photo archives loaded with imagery that measures extremely high recall because Evel Knievel is thrilling, relevant and emotionally impactful to your target customer.

Any ad agency will tell you product advertising is the most competitive it has ever been. You’re fighting for market share and what can you do? Serve notice to the public and boldly stand out from the crowd. If everyone is fishing in the same lake using the same old worm, stand out by fishing with a superstar that wears a red, white and blue outfit and jumps a motorcycle.

​Branding increases results because it differentiates your product from competitors and enhances recognition. The more competitive the market, the more important it is to stand out from the crowd. Studies have shown that consumers make decisions based on emotion, especially emotional desires they relate to, and believe branded products provide more relevance to their own lives. Branding increases recognition and increases the likelihood that consumers will relate to your product branded by an association with Evel Knievel.

​Why is Evel Knievel destined to be a dominant brand? Your target customer not only knows Evel Knievel, but strongly identifies and relates to Evel Knievel, because his exploits are personally relevant to their own aspirations.

​Furthermore, Evel Knievel is a strong trademark that provides instant brand recognition. Evel Knievel is super impressive as well. Successful branding normally takes years to accomplish, but advertising with Evel Knievel achieves instant branding status! Brand recognition increases conversion rates and increases response over the long-term and you will continue to build a strong repeat customer base for years to come.

​Because the public personally recognizes, relates to, or admires Evel Knievel, a familiarity factor naturally prompts people to call out the Evel Knievel branded product over other products or services. Because Evel Knievel is such a strong brand, just the association will definitely increase the public’s awareness and drive sales. Exclusive identification with such a famous figure that transcends generations, gender, race and nationality is a very prestigious accomplishment.

​Best of all, you could enjoy exclusive rights to advertise and sell your product promoted by the Evel Knievel brand within a territory, and the option to renew the license for additional extensions; a wise investment for immediate and long term benefit.

Evel Knievel® Branding

Take advantage of all media types using Evel Knievel® branding, advertising and marketing! Billboards, Digital and Internet Media, Print, Radio, Point of Sale.



Promote your brand by using a powerful combination of buttons, custom text, page content and images.

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